2021 Norman North Girls Soccer Roster

Player NumberGradePositionHeightVarsity or JVSomething Interesting
Aven Defalco0SophomoreK5’5″JVI am highly motivated.
Mallory Osborn1JuniorK5’10”VI am obsessed with my dog, her name is Maggie.
Carson Collier2sophomoreD5’4″JVI love my family and friends.
Lennon Park3sophomoreM
Susana Hernandez3SophomoreM5’5″JVI’ve had two surgeries.
Abby Sonne4SeniorD
VThere are 6 kids in my family.
Haylee Harbert4SophomoreM5’3″JVI have a lot of dogs.
Narissa Fults5SophomoreF5’9″VI was born in California.
Addison Smith5Junior5’7″MJVI love to travel.
Tais Silvadoray6

Madelyn Hutchison8Senior5’9″DJVI can do a handstand.
Zoe Walker9JuniorD5’9″VI have 3 cats.
Becca Tweedy10SeniorF5’4″VI play the guitar.
Rylie Goodman11SophomoreM5’3″VI like to travel.
Gabrielle Martin11SeniorM5’5″JVI like soccer.
Kiki O’connor12SophomoreF/M5’5″JVI like to look on the bright side.
Emma Mangrum13

Jada Ryan14SeniorF
Hadley Horn15SeniorM5’4”VI love spending my summers in Michigan.
Cassie Coffman15SeniorM5’3″JVI love to go hunting with my grandpa.
Caroline McAlester18JuniorF5’4″VI have a twin.
Presslee Amick19JuniorM5’6″VI have a cat.
Olivia Wetherington19JuniorF5’3″JVI have been playing soccer since I was 5.
Londyn Furnish20SeniorD
Kendra Hudgins21SeniorM5’6″VI can tie my shoe in under a second and my favorite meal is BBQ Mac and Cheese.
Sarah Buller21SophomoreD6′JVI always give it my all and never give up.
Megan Stevenson22SophomoreF/D5’7″JVI love hanging out with friends and being outside.
Devin Jansing23JuniorM5’6″JVI have placed in wrestling 2 years in a row. Second in 9th grade year and third in 10th grade year.
Acacia Anderson24SophomoreD5′JVI have curly hair.
Aubrey Shipman25JuniorD5’6″VI broke my elbow twice.
Analise McAlester26JuniorD5’4″VI have a twin.